About me



I was born in 1964 in Poznan ( Poland ). Since always I have been fascinated with graphics and visual arts. I painted/drew everywhere and on everything. In the beginning it was furniture and walls, as a most accessible media. I don’t know why, this kind of activity didn’t meet with approval of my surrounding :). In the school times, I switched to exercise books… Now, there were fever protests. I don’t know why, but I graduated in Automation from Poznan University of Technology. Shortly after ( in 1992 ), I started to work as an illustrator in „Podsiedlik, Raniowski i S-ka” Publishing House (current name „Publicat S.A” ). After a few years, I started independent activity as a freelancer. During this period ( about 14 years ), I continued my cooperation with publishers. This has resulted in the illustrations for more than 100 books. I also, worked for advertising agencies, illustrations agencies, board games and puzzles producers. My works, were noticed by „City Interactive S.A” (current name „CI Games” ), which in 2009 offered me the position of an Art Director. From this moment I had a pleasure of creating a Nintendo’s DS projects („Chronicles of Mystery” series, „Vampire Moon”, „Murder in Venice”, „Crime Lab” and „Jewels of Tropical Island”), Nintendo’s Wii „Chicken Riot” and „Combat Wings” ( never released ) and for all current gen platforms „Dogfight 1942”, „Alien Rage” and „Enemy Front” multiplayer.


When I worked as an illustrator and freelancer, I never thought that my future will be connected with video games. Of course, I had single orders from this industry but still, illustrations were my main activity. The decision of working for City Interactive ( current name: CI Games ), was like a kind of an experiment : after 14 years of freelance, it was a ‘terra incognita’ for me. But very fast I discovered new fascinating worlds; new possibilities for artistic satisfaction. It was like an EXPLOSION: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, WWII, airplanes, horror and a lot of other themes. A lot of challenges for every art maker. It is an amazing, very inspiring, mix. Zero boredom ! And … People. Very interesting people. They are very unique specialists and individualists. I like this atmosphere, direct contacts, jokes …yes, this is my world :). Now, after almost 5 years, I see how good this choice was for me. I improved some of my skills and developed others.. Today I am still discovering new advantages of this job.


July 2009 – Present Katowice/Poznan/Bydgoszcz

Art. Director at CI Games

  • FPP shooter: „Alien Rage”
  • Fly combat arcade: „Dogfight 1942” ( old name: “Combat Wings”)
  • Action game for Nintendo Wii: “Chicken Riot”
  • Few titles for Nintendo DS ( „Chronicles of Mystery” series, „Vampire Moon”, „Murder in Venice”, „Crime Lab” and „Jewels of Tropical Island” )

January 1996 – June 2009 Poznań

Freelancer at my own office

  • Book illustrations ( over 100 books ).
  • Advertising illustrations and designs
  • Illustrations for Art agencies
  • Cover illustrations

January 1992 – January 1996 Poznań

Illustrator at „PUBLICAT” Publishing House

  • Book Illustrations


  • Creative and leadership skills
  • Possibilities and skills to create arts in a variety of styles.
  • Ability to visualize and communicate the creative concepts to the team.
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to easily interact with other members of team.
  • Sense of humor


  • Video Games
  • SF and Fantasy
  • Film and Books
  • Music
  • Sport